Happy 2013!

happy2013sHappy New Year!I wish this year will be very special and the happiest year for all of you!!! Love, Aya

HongKong Christmas!

Happy Holidays Everyone!I've been working on this project since late summer and finally it's done! It's a holiday installation in a department store in Hong Kong. I designed the background and the characters, and some products for their holiday season.  Here are some pictures and the original sketches!

backgrounddoneOriginal sketch for the installation! 1Final photo tree_new12lion11elephant10candy13 It's a very interesting feeling when you design something in 2D on paper, then it goes out of your hands and someone else fabricate them in 3D life size installation.  I have never seen my characters in life size which I'm super excited about! Hope kids in HongKong will enjoy this decorations!!!

If you know anyone in Hong Kong please pass it along. Here are the info: Dec 21st 2012 - January 6th 2013 Tai Po Mega Mall, Hong Kong Christmas installation http://www.taipomegamall.shkp.com.hk/20121203104354_field10TPMM_Dec_2012R4_AW_08-01 Here are more fun photos they sent me with model!

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Printed Matter show at Giant Robot LA

alien2 548793_10151224425082886_570005647_nLooking for a Chiristmas gift LA People?Here is the best show for it. Printed Matter show at Giant Robot LA.I will have some silkscreens for sale!

Printed Matter – A Show of Multiples Dec 17-Jan 9th, 2013

Reception Saturday, December 22th 2012, 6:30 – 10:00 p.m. Giant Robot 2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90025 gr2.net (310) 445-9276

Andrice Arp, Apak, Aya Kakeda, Bigfoot, Bradford Lynn, Bubi Au Yeung, Christopher Chan, Dan McCarthy, Danni Shinya Luo, Darth Rimmer, David Horvath, Deth P Sun, Elliot Brown, Gabe Gonzales, Gary Musgrave, James Chong, Jay Horinouchi, Jay Ryan, Jeni Yang, Jeremiah La Torre, Jesse LeDoux, Jesse Tise, Jiyoung Moon, Kaori Kasai, Ken Taya, Kerry Horvath, Kevin Luong, Kio Griffith, Louise Chen, Mare Odomo, Mari Inukai, Mark Ingram, Masato Nakada, Miso, Nick Arciaga, Sara Saedi, Sashiko Yuen, Scott Wilkowski, Seonna Hong, Shawn Cheng, Shawnimals, Shihori Nakayama, Sidney Pink, Stasia Burrington, Tessar Lo, Tru Nguyen, Yejin Oh, Yumi Sakugawa

Hello Crafty --- eeboo spring

FxCam_1355436175037 FxCam_1355436195963 FxCam_1355436242683I went into Eeboo office for few hours yesterday and made some spring crafts for their show room.Here are "happy spring caterpillar" and "flower polar bear with little penguin!"Still long winter to go but eeboo office and making those fluffy springy color objects made me warm inside!  thank you fumiha and eeboo!

Ready for Society of Illustrators show / Annual book

poster_framedBali_dreamAll Framed and ready to go! I have 3 pieces in Society of illustrators show and their annual book. "Hanabi Monster", "Amarillo poster", and "Bali Dream"

"Hanabi Monster" silk screen poster was made for the events this Summer for Rojo Bermelo in Mexico City + Monterrey (Mexico)

"Amarillo Poster" silk screen poster was made for my exhibition at Amarillo design center in Xalapa (Mexico) also this summer.

I'm very happy that those two got selected because they are my favorite clients and my dear friends, and I the Mexico trip this summer for me was the high light of this year :)  Thank you Rojo Bermelo and Amarillo!

"Bali dream" is a large size gouache painting on wooden panel made for 3 person exhibition "Creamy Cat" at the Lower East Side this Fall. This is a personal piece which I got inspiration from visiting Indonesia this May. I'm making this series bigger now so it's a nice encouragement patting my back from society of illustrators.

Here is the info for the exhibition, please come if you are in the area!

January 4th - 26th, 2013 Illustrators 55 - part 1- at the Museum of American Illustration, Society of Illustrators NY (Opening: January 4th 6pm-)

Mr. & Mr. beautiful products!

ground+by+aya+kakeda aya-kakeda Picture 2 My lovely friends Pierre and Alexis launched a new brand call " Mr. & Mr." I love it!  All the products are so beautiful and unique.

Pierre, my soul sister Celia Picard, incredible illustrator Marina Vandel, and I have designs in their unique product "Ground by" it's a nice concept that you can decorate your floor with the stencil of different artist's art! I'm very excited to be part of this project. Thank you Pierre and Alexis!  Congratulations on your new brand!

Check out their beautiful site: http://www.mr-mr.fr/


Thank you Society of Illustrators!!!

Thank you Sooooo much to Society of Illustrators and the judges for the Silver Medal!The selected piece is a poster "Hanabi Monster" for Rojo Bermelo in Mexico City, silk screen printed by Arturo Negrete.  (yey Rojo Bermelo, and Arturo! Thank you guys!)I'm so so happy!!!!!

Some photos from Creamy Cat show

My new Bali Dream paintings and Kokeshi Dolls were exhibited for this "Creamy Cat" Show.  Also some goods and books were sold at the opening last Saturday.I was so happy having show with Michiko Horie and Helina Raak!  Their art works were fantastic and us 3 fit very well in this show! with Michiko Horie and Helina Raak, we all had cat ears for the event! Many people and friends came out to the opening! THANK YOUUUUUU!!!! Thank you so much for coming out!  and Special thank you to Yana who made this fantastic cat pattern dress!!! (her shop--->http://www.supayana.com/)

Opening Sept 15th in New York

Hello!Please join us for the opening for the new group show with Michiko Horie, Helina Raak, and Aya Kakeda next Saturday the 15th. We will have new paintings, sculptures and pop up store (only for the opening) where we have toys, prints, books and etc.

"Creamy Cat" Sept 15 - 30th at Gallery One Twenty Eight, NYC Opening: Sept 15th 7-9pm 128 Rivington Street, LES, NY

Studio Breakfast

Today I finished making the piece for the Giant Robot Biannual 3 which opens in L.A. in mid Sept.  For this show each artist has to use 2 of their vinyl products and customize them in your own way.  I decided to cook them into my Sunday breakfast!Gochisou sama deshita~

GIANT ROBOT BIENNALE 3 at The Japanese American National Museum

Hello.I'm part of this customize figure exhibition, come by if you are in L.A!

GIANT ROBOT BIENNALE 3 SEPTEMBER 23 - JAN 20, 2013 RECEPTION: SEPTEMBER 22 at The Japanese American National Museum http://www.janm.org/

The Japanese American National Museum presents Giant Robot Biennale 3, its third show in conjunction with Eric Nakamura, owner of Asian American pop culture juggernaut Giant Robot. The expansive show features a gallery of eight emerging artists along with a customized vinyl figure collection.

Artists for the project: 64 Colors, A Little Stranger, Aaron Brown, Angry Woebots, Arbito, Atsushi Honda, Aya Kakeda, Bert Gatchalian, Betso, Brent Nolasco, Bwana Spoons, Camilla d’Errico, Chuckboy, Clement Hanami, Cris Rose, D-Lux, Darth Rimmer, David Horvath, Yukinori Dehara, DrilOne, Edwin Ushiro, Elizabeth Ito, Fakir, Frank Mysterio, Gary Ham, Harpoon, Helena Garcia, J*Ryu, Jason Limon, Jeff Lamm, Jeni Yang, Jeremiah Ketner, Jesse Hernandez, Joe Hahn, Joe Ledbetter, Josh Herbolsheimer, Julie West, kaNO, Kat Brunegraff, Kio Griffith, Kiyoshi, Kohei Yamashita, Koji Harmon, Leecifer, Le Merde, Len Higa, Lou Pimentel, Luke Chueh, Luke Rook, Lunabee, Mari Inukai, Mark Nagata, Martin Hsu, Meat Bun, Miso, Nakanari, Nathan Ota, Nebulon5, Nick Arciaga, Noferin, Okkle, Oliver Hibert, Bob Conge – Plaseebo, Podgy Panda, Reactor 88, Rohby, Sarah Neyhart, Scott Tolleson, Scott Wilkowski, Shane Jessup, Shawnimals, Danni Shinya Luo, Spanky Stokes, Spencer Hibert, Squink!, Stasia Burrington, Tado, Tara Logsdon, Tiffany Liu, Tristan Eaton, UAMOU, Valerie Gudell, YoskayYamamoto.

Craft Love!

Pipe cleaner crafting.Fumiha's elephant and my Gremlin-Lion are in LOVE! PomPom and felt dolls Romantic evening?! sharing spaghetti :-D

Dia de Muerto custom figure judge

Hello!I will be judging upcoming "Dia de Muerto custom figure contest" in Mexico City. Looking forward to see your art works!

Here is the info: (sorry it's in Spanish)

“Pélame los dientes”


  • En la compra de un Munny o amigo de Munny de 7 pulgadas se hará el registro de tu participación en el concurso
  • Tema: Día de Muertos (No Halloween, no zombies, no monstruos)
  • Técnica: libre
  • El diseño debe ser único y original
  • Se aceptarán hasta 2 piezas por participante
  • Fecha de entrega: sábado 20 de octubre 2012. No se aceptarán piezas posterior a esa fecha
  • Si son foráneos el costo del envío corre por cuenta del participante y la devolución de la pieza se hará por cuenta de la tienda
  • Enviar fotografías en formato JPG, resolución de 150 dpi, tamaño mínimo 800 pixeles de ancho, foto frontal, perfil y posterior. Enviar a concurso@sktienda.com.mx
  • Se deberá entregar una ficha técnica con los siguientes datos:
    • No. de Registro (El cual proporcionaremos al comprar tu DIY)
    • Nombre
    • Alias
    • Email
    • Título
    • Técnica
    • Precio (Solo si aplica)

Los 3 primeros lugares serán seleccionados por el jurado que calificará originalidad, técnica y calidad:


  • Aya Kakeda (Ilustradora, artista visual y diseñadora de juguetes de arte / Japón)
  • El Hooligan (Customizador / México)
  • Kidrobot (Productor y distribuidor de juguetes de diseño / E.U.)
  • Rey Chemo (Coleccionista de juguetes de diseñador / México)
  • Sarukaku (Tienda especializada en Art toys / México)

more info : http://www.artoy.com.mx/concurso-de-art-toy-pelame-los-dientes/