March 11th Memorial --- 2 year since Earthquake in Japan

FxCam_1362940953458Hi.March 11th became a big day for Japanese people since the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan two years ago this day. Yesterday me and my friends (we have a group call tsuru project ) gathered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and had an origami tsuru installation and origami work shop as a memorial. It was a bright and sunny day and it was so peaceful to just watch our colorful origami and ornaments swinging in the wind! The circle ornaments are made by the kindergarten kids and teacher in Fukushima, Japan. Thank you everybody who stopped by yesterday and made origami with us! And big thank you for everyone around the world who helped and supported Japan when it was in the darkest days! Love, Aya

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Chinese New Year!

IMG_1788 IMG_1789 IMG_1790Happy Chinese New Year! (I'm 10 days late for the real Chinese new year...)But I got this new year envelope in my mail and I wanted to share! I illustrated those for a department store in Hong Kong. I love the Foil printing, so shinny and pretty.  Not much in this photos but it's very shinny with gold and red foil! I gave one to my Chinese laundry owner, and he reorganized the company that I worked for so that was exciting.

Happy 2013!

happy2013sHappy New Year!I wish this year will be very special and the happiest year for all of you!!! Love, Aya