Hello Crafty --- eeboo spring

FxCam_1355436175037 FxCam_1355436195963 FxCam_1355436242683I went into Eeboo office for few hours yesterday and made some spring crafts for their show room.Here are "happy spring caterpillar" and "flower polar bear with little penguin!"Still long winter to go but eeboo office and making those fluffy springy color objects made me warm inside!  thank you fumiha and eeboo!

Studio Breakfast

Today I finished making the piece for the Giant Robot Biannual 3 which opens in L.A. in mid Sept.  For this show each artist has to use 2 of their vinyl products and customize them in your own way.  I decided to cook them into my Sunday breakfast!Gochisou sama deshita~

Manchester School of Art Embroidery

Manchester School of Art is the only school which holds Embroidery Major that I know of.  The Students of the Embroidery Major is having a benefit Auction next week to raise money for their graduation exhibition. I remember that it happened in some NY art school few years ago, too that since the bad economy (?!) school canceled the graduation shows so the students had to come up with money for the event.  I feel like if you pay that much tuition for 4 years to school you should automatically get the final show... but I guess sometimes it doesn't work that way.If you are in England and close to this area, please stop by and support the students!  All the art work starts from £10.  I have one embroidery work also. If you don't live in England you can also bit online! www.fivepointeightbyfourpointone.wordpress.com

Can you guess which one is mine???

Book is out! Collaboration with Mr. X Stitch

Hello! I should first introduce Mr.Stitch. He has a fantastic website which introduce Artists who uses embroidery & Needle point as their medium. ---> http://www.mrxstitch.com/ He was mentioning about making a book out of this website for a couple of years and now it's finally out! Beautiful design and paper. (Love how the new book smells) I'm very honored to be in this book. Thank you Mr. Stitch and congratulations!!! You can pick up the copy from book store or on line: US: http://www.amazon.com/PUSH-Stitchery-Artists-Boundaries-Stitched/dp/1600597874 UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/PUSH-Stitchery-Jamie-Chalmers/dp/1600597874

Here is the Book review---> Announcing PUSH, a new series devoted to indie-crafters and artists pushing the boundaries of traditional crafting mediums! Curated by Jamie Chalmers--aka Mr. X Stitch, a leading figure in the “new embroidery movement”--PUSH Stitchery profiles the cutting-edge creative work of 30 top stitching artists from around the world. Each designer is showcased with six to eight pages of gallery-style imagery. A fascinating question-and-answer section, along with bios, make this innovative and inspirational book a must-have for anyone interested in blurring the lines between craft and art.