Some photos from Creamy Cat show

My new Bali Dream paintings and Kokeshi Dolls were exhibited for this "Creamy Cat" Show.  Also some goods and books were sold at the opening last Saturday.I was so happy having show with Michiko Horie and Helina Raak!  Their art works were fantastic and us 3 fit very well in this show! with Michiko Horie and Helina Raak, we all had cat ears for the event! Many people and friends came out to the opening! THANK YOUUUUUU!!!! Thank you so much for coming out!  and Special thank you to Yana who made this fantastic cat pattern dress!!! (her shop--->

Bad Luck Club ~ 13 Female Artists from Brooklyn

I'm curating 13 all female Brooklyn artists show in CA!Come come if you are in the neighborhood. It's an amazing lineup of the artists, don't you think? Thank you girls for being part of this show!

The title " Bad Luck Club" was named by my dear friend Edward Hemingway.  He is just so good at coming up with good names!  I asked him... well there is 13 of us, all girls and we want some fun name... and a second later he came up with this title!  Thank you Eddie~

And this beautiful post card design is by Fumiha Tanaka.  Thank you Fumiha!

The Hole in the Middle Dunny + signing on 23rd!

Hello!I have a great news!!! Toy of the Hole in the Middle, the children book which I worked with Paul Budnitz is coming out as a special edition dunny from KidRobot!  It's the main character Morgan and a mushroom~

I'm really excited about this.

And both Paul and me will be at the signing at KidRobot Store in SOHO, NY on 23rd.  this is the same day which my Laika Dunny is releasing as part of the Dunny series 2011!!!

See you at the store~, hope you can make it!