Dali-Ween at High Museum of Art!

Hello!Our Event Dali-Ween was a great success! It was so much fun, full of great families and wonderful museum people! We are still waiting for the pictures, I will put more images here in few weeks. Please wait~ But here, we have one snap shot of how we looked like all dressed in our new Salvador Dali Mustache!


Dali-Ween Hello Friends, The Mustache Sisters will be at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta this Sunday! If you have any friends or family in Atlanta please forward this information!  Thank you!

Dalí-Ween in conjunction with the current exhibit Salvador Dali October 31, 2010, 1-4 p.m. at High Museum of Art 1280 Peachtree Street, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30309

Join us and make some Halloween Mustache Masks together!

More info: http://www.high.org/main.taf?p=4,3,2&eventId=662&eventTypeId=4

Thank you and see you soon!

best, Mustache Sisters http://www.mustachesisters.com/

Making of Dali Mustache 5

There is a great write up about the Dali exhibit in New York Times!http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/03/arts/design/03dali.html this article is quite interesting and make us very excited about going there and perform in front of his paintings.

And our event is now posted on High Museums' website.   Atlanta, here we come! http://www.high.org/main.taf?p=4,3,2&eventId=662&eventTypeId=4

Update on our Dali Dresses: Ants have legs now!!!  looks creepier, prefect for the Dali-ween :-)

Making of Dali Mustache 4

We are now trying to figure out the construction of the Dali mustache.  This time it will be skinny and long, so it will only covers our heads + since Dali mustache has a small gap in the middle, we are making 2 separate ones. Now do you have any suggestions how we can keep the mustache up??? that's our home work for today!

Making of Dali Mustache1

We started building our new Salvador Dali mustache for the High Museum Event.This time,since Dali has a super skinny mustache, we have decided to make not the whole body mustache costume like our other ones. It will be just our head!  We are thinking about interesting bottom half idea,too! stay tooned :-)

here is the photo of how skinny our new mustache is~

Mustache Sisters News! Amazing Salvaor Dali at High Museum

Nina and I, Mustache Sisters have a great news today!We are invited to the event at High Museum in Atlanta Conjunction with their new Salvador Dali Exhibit.  We will be there for their Halloween Family Event and doing our Work Shop in our new Salvador Dali Mustache!!! I'm going to upload some work in progress photos as this project goes forward :-D

Here is our new Muse, Salvador Dali with his beautiful mustache!

His Funny sense of Humor and theatrical photos, I like these more than his painting, I'm sure if he is here he will appreciate our mustache project!

now I'm getting really excited about our new project!

Mustache Sisters going to Philly!

Me and Nina, the mustache sisters were invited to an event at Philadelphia Museum of Art for their Italian Opera night!So we gave an Italian opera mustache musk workshop!

AND most Importantly we made a NEW summer version mustache for this event, it's gray and have a Mediterranean motifs on the back + new gold sparkly pants!  hehe

And the people there were wonderful and friendly.  They all had great imaginations and made such a beautiful masks! here are some photos from the craft work shop!

Thank you Philly!!! I really loved the city and people's energy there~

And thank you Angelo and Lisa (+ Doggies) for hosting us! You can see more photos at our website: http://www.mustachesisters.com/philly_museum.html

Mustache Sisters --- making of the Italian Mustache!

Hello!Nina and I are working on our new mustache which is commissioned by Philadelphia Museum of Art. They are having an Italian Opera Night for their after 5 event on June 4th, so they asked us if we can perform and have a work- shop.

Since we leaned about this back in March, we were so excited and we started brain storming!  Italian Italian... so our research began.

We were trying to incorporate some Opera images at first and having a color like dark red, black and dark green some sort of classic colors. But we thought.... hmmm... we want something light and summer.  Then we searched for some more Italian motifs, there we found so many beautiful curvy images and interesting characters.  And the pallet of beautiful light gray, blue, yellow came up in our minds.

So here we started putting together some images!

And can you see the peals?  We wanted to make this one as fancy as possible, after all this is for an Italian Opera Ball! After finishing the back part it's a time to sew and put them together

And here is the photo of us wearing the final version.  it became a nice Mediterranean Mustache~  we love it! plus this time we up-graded rest of our costume, too. Now for this Summer season we have a sparkly gold pants!

So this is how we made this mustache come to life!

Mustache Sisters

Mustache Sisters' tea party

This is my favorite collaboration from 2009 with my friend Nina Frenkel. Part of the reason this project happened was because of the recession last year when both of us had lots of time and kind of lost with our artistic vision. This fun and uplifting project really helped me though the slow and frustrated time!

our cute shoes

The Whole Project started from an e-mail we got back in Feb 2009 from Hungarian Culture Center who were hosting a mustache contest.  So we decided to enter the contest! Since we are girls who can't grow mustaches...we decided to make a huge mustache to wear it!

After the contest we did a work shop at Brooklyn Museum as Mustache Sisters, which was so much fun!!!

And For Christmas we made some mustache ornaments for a craft fair which was nice and cozy project.

I hope we do more this year,too! Maybe making a new kind of mustache to wear~

You can see more pictures and info at : http://www.mustachesisters.com Also can get ornaments from : http://www.etsy.com/shop/mustachesisters

and most of all here is my collaborator Nina Frenkel's web site: http://www.ninafrenkel.com/

I always liked Nina's work, so it was great to work with her finally!