Tattole & Tempel

1New ceramic pieces"Little Tattole and Tempel"

It was inspired by a book "planetarium no Futago" by one of my favorite author Shinji Ishii 2 This was my early summer read. And I loved it! If you read Japanese I highly recommend this book.  It's an adventure and a life story about twin brother Tattole and Tempel who were left in a planetarium in a small town as babies. It's a beautiful novel I read it in a super speed.

4 Tempel (left) becomes a traveling magician and Tattle works as planetarium as a story teller.

5 I'm using a new glazed experimenting now so the color of the Tempel head came out so different than I imagined.  But all the surprise is the best part of doing ceramic!

3 Their hats comes off :) Hmmm what should I put in? Salt and Sugar?

Potato Madness!

I was doing potato stamping for a class that I teach, and I totally got into it.It's super fun!!! 1I made these two stamps during the class, we all discovered simple shape looks the best with potato stamping.23 4Decided to print on my white T-shirts that I've never wore. 5Done!!!!6Cut off the sleeves so it looks nicer. 7 8Done!!!!   Now I want to do more, maybe make a curtain or a dress.

Hampshire College and pretty towns in Massachusetts

I was visiting Hampshire College this week to talk at Andrea Dezso's class.Andrea is one of my favorite artist so I was very happy to go up and visit her and her class!  Here you can see her amazing art work! ----> http://www.andreadezso.com/

Her husband Adam took me around and show me some small town around the college. It was beautiful! Thank you so much Andrea and Adum!

(Some Photo from the college) (This is part of their campus with Apple trees! so pretty!) (Some student works, Papier-mâché Masks) (poster made by Andrea!)

(Cows!!! so Cute!  This is an amazing ice cream store, you can meet the cows who makes the milk for ice cream in their back yard.) (They had a baby cows in little huts) (Awwwww ♥) (Small towns around the school.) (There was a canal running across the town. The stream was pretty strong.) (Spring is just arriving to Massachusetts, flowers are starting to bloom everywhere, so pretty!)It was such a treat to be in a beautiful nature.

One Year After

Today was such a beautiful warm day in New York!"Tsuru Project" an artists group which formed soon after the earthquake in Japan last March 11th, gathered in a park in Brooklyn to have a memorial event today. We hanged the Origami Cranes and paper ornaments from trees. These Cranes were made by children, friends, and artists who came to our origami workshops through out the whole year since last March. It was so beautiful with the winds blowing~These are the photos from when we were setting up so I don't have any people in. But so many people came by and made origami with us through out the day. I will put some more photos when I get them!  Thank you so much for coming.  I was very happy and touched to have this special memorial day with warm friends and strangers folding origami and thinking about Japan together. Thank you!!! This is Yuri making a beautiful one year memorial sign for our installation.

sculpture wednesday

Slowly I'm building up my ceramic figures, they are before the bisk fire so they look gray. I decided to name my figure after my friends :-)From the left (girl with a bird on her head) Kimiko, middle (Elephant girl) Eun-ha, and the right (girl with a goldfish in the stomach) Fumiha. I can't wait to have a whole family of friends~ And I can't wait to start painting them!

Sculpture Studio

Here are some photos from my ceramic studio.Slowly but surely something is coming out from my brain ---> hands ---> Plaster casts ---> clay. I was creating different vases with faces, and the other day I realized. Oh!!! all my vases at home have faces!!! It was nice to know I was getting inspiration from some objects around my house and my everyday life! Here is some photo of my vases at home. And! For this Valentine's day Eun-ha gave me one of her art ceramic piece.  I always wanted to own her piece so I was so happy. And guess what?! it was a vase with face, too!!! You can see Eun-ha's art work here --->http://www.eun-ha.com She is a true inspiration to me and a great friend.  She is one of the reason that I started doing ceramic. Here is Eun-ha's Vase and a visiting artist cat Nemo.


One of my plant is blooming. Maybe they can feel the spring is coming.

Story of Banpeiyu-chan

I found a new Friend in the kitchen, her name is Bampeiyu-chan.She is a Citron as big as my face! We hanged out for a while chatted and shared our childhood stories. Miichan kept her distance.  I think she was scared to see such a huge face floating  near her food and water. After few days I was hungry and Banpeiyu-chan was smelling so fresh...My stomach made a sound which it shouldn't make towards a friend... Ahhhhhhh!

so delicious...

The End

Tetris Attack!

I've done many embroideries in the past but not much "cross stitching."For the 8bit show in CA I thought cross stitching would be the perfect way to make the 8bit pixel image.  And I picked Tetris.

I loved Tetris when I was a kid, and I always love this first screen image of the Russian building. This is what I remember as a kid when people talk about Russia.  oh yes Russia I know people live in Tetris building! So I decided to have my Tetris image very Russian including the building and the color (Red, Yellow and blue) remembering what I thought of Russia as a child, Onion building, red pattern flowers, lots of Mushrooms from fairy tales, and the home of Tetris!This is a side story...after 20 years since I first saw the Russian building in Tetris, I finally made a trip to Russia 2010. I was amazed of those beautiful onion churches popping up everywhere in town and villages. And the land of Fairy Tales, I felt like I was in the fairy tale with wooden mushrooms, beautiful churches, lace window frames from the wooden houses and strange trees look like creatures. And here I'm really in the fairly tale!  In the House of  Baba Yaga! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baba_Yaga

Dear Japan Benefit Logo

Me and my friends Fumiha and Miwa are putting together a Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Crisis Relief Benefit Art Exhibition: "Dear Japan" ~168 Artists 168 Messages~ in June 4th. We asked 5 dear friends of us to create each letters to make "JAPAN" for our logo and here it is! wow, beautiful and fun! Yappy~ Thank you Eun-ha, Yunmee, Sara, Jon and Nora! Here are the info of the artists: J --- Eun-Ha Paek A --- Yunmee Kyong P --- Sara Varon A --- Jon Burgerman N --- Nora Krug