Mustache Sisters --- making of the Italian Mustache!

Hello!Nina and I are working on our new mustache which is commissioned by Philadelphia Museum of Art. They are having an Italian Opera Night for their after 5 event on June 4th, so they asked us if we can perform and have a work- shop.

Since we leaned about this back in March, we were so excited and we started brain storming!  Italian Italian... so our research began.

We were trying to incorporate some Opera images at first and having a color like dark red, black and dark green some sort of classic colors. But we thought.... hmmm... we want something light and summer.  Then we searched for some more Italian motifs, there we found so many beautiful curvy images and interesting characters.  And the pallet of beautiful light gray, blue, yellow came up in our minds.

So here we started putting together some images!

And can you see the peals?  We wanted to make this one as fancy as possible, after all this is for an Italian Opera Ball! After finishing the back part it's a time to sew and put them together

And here is the photo of us wearing the final version.  it became a nice Mediterranean Mustache~  we love it! plus this time we up-graded rest of our costume, too. Now for this Summer season we have a sparkly gold pants!

So this is how we made this mustache come to life!