PaoPao Nest going to SF

PaoPao Nest, collaboration with Fumiha is going to travel to SF!The opening is soon Sep 15th at Fabric 8 gallery~

here is our new sign for it! will post more images soon :-)

Monterey CA --- extra extra

So we had a one whole day to enjoy the area after the opening, it was a sunny and a perfect day!Monterey has an amazing Aquarium, we've been waiting to visit and finally our dream came true. Also seems like People in CA has such a great car!

And the natures in CA is incredible! Orange, Yellow, purple and blue it was such a teat for my eyes :-)

PaoPao Nest --- opening!

It's all ready!  it's the opening night~Back in NY, our friend Kimiko made us dresses which goes with our Nest!  aren't they amazing?!

we've got picked up Gallery director Zeeek by his super cute bug!

Opening was great!  so many nice people, we had so much fun!

Thank you Alternative Cafe Gallery to host us our PaoPao Show!  We had a great time!  and we will be back next year!

PaoPao arrive to Monterey, CA --- installing day

Finally it's alllll done!  (you can see work in progress in my blog from June 30th)We made the nest, paintings, and sculptures! We are all packed up and ready to go to Monterey!

Arriving at the Gallery, we start installing.

Now Time to install our PaoPao Nest!

Now we are done installing~

PaoPao paintings! collaborationg with a mysterious Japanese Print maker

So here we are working towards the PaoPao Nest Show at Alternative Gallery in Monterey, CA. We also decided to do a collaborative paintings.  We have painted together back in 2003 and it was fun, but this time it was much much more fun because I think we both got better at painting and now we know each other much more!  so it was easier to collaborate and share our vision together!

We found 3 beautiful Japanese Prints near my house at the thrift store and start drawing on top of it. So I guess it's a collaboration with 3 people. with one mysterious Japanese Print maker :-) Can you tell who did what???

Making of the PaoPao Nest

Me and Fumiha started to collaborate as a "PaoPao,"  back in 2003.  And this year we had a show invitation from Alternative Cafe Gallery in Monterey California.  So we started to do a collaboration! For this show we wanted to make a nice  " PaoPao Nest", so we started our first nest idea.

First idea was to make kind of a  Igloo type of Onion shaped nest  in plastic.... but after sawing all together and try it inside, we realized that it was too hot for a summer, so we decided to make an open nest!

Super Hot summer days and nights, me and fumiha made friends with felts and yarn. hehehe Finally it started to take a shape!