"Lace and Pattern" for Art Connects New York Benefit Show

These are for a benefit show at Art Connects New York, a non-profit art organization in SOHO, NY. The show is going to be about 30 artists creating new works altering the pages of books.

It's been 2 weeks since the earthquake in Japan. I was working on these images a week after it happen and I was in a zombie state of mind. I thought about why am I even creating art when I really want to do is help people in Japan...?  I felt so little and powerless... And I started to think about this project. All I wanted to do was to make something beautiful. Beautiful colors, pattern and a tiny bit of humor.  After all I didn't want to make something depressing or sad.  And when I start painting these patterns on the book pages and working with a repetition movement, I started to feel better, this is the healing power of Art??? Maybe it is.

I wish my art can heal somebody oneday, even a small smile or forget about hard time for a one second.  That would be my goal!

The benefit is on April 6th, more info ---> http://www.artconnectsnewyork.org/