NYCC--- extra

At NYCC I run into some people that I haven't seen for loooong time and it was great to catch up :-)And sip sip water with Nakako-san, and be captured by Mario brothers! Nakako-san, he has this amazing toy store in Hida-Takayama, Japan.  Here is the link: We were talking about his amazing creation "Tomenosuke blaster" which is a small edition replicas of the "Brade Runner Blaster" from the film Brade Runner. His store created them back in 2008, and it was sold out in 1 min! (wow)  And great stories he had of "making of" was so interesting. and this product, wow Such a beauty!

And I run into Some people who went to the same MFA program at SVA! They are so talented, I think you will enjoy their works. Nathan Fox----->

Patrick Dorian---->

Benjamin Marra---->

Plus, I run into Zak, we went to an art summer camp in Savannah, GA when we were 17!!! which is like......15 years ago!!!!! we still look the same hahaha :-) Zak Kinsella --->

So good to know everyone is doing well~  :-D