Aya + Inspire!

Helene Rossi from Inspire! sent me a message about her project. The project Inspire! ---> She will send me a blind sample of a perfume then I illustrate from the inspiration from the scent. Such an interesting project, I of course said "YES! count me in!"

So few weeks later....I received the mysterious vials...

It smelled like sweet, rose, botanical and a bit of of citrus??? My nose investigated the scent and my brain was trying hard to come up with an image! I imagined a girl with a orange head-dress sleeping in a Polynesian Island at night, Rose in a cage...

And I sent it over to Helene, she sent me the answer, the name of the mystery perfume!

Voila!!!  Rose Noir! so I think my imagination wasn't too far from the scent!  :-D

You can see Helene's Inspire! project + what the other artists came up with different mysterious scents: http://www.inspire-blog.com/