Drawing day

Wishing for a good starts on 2010 me and Rachael coordinated a Draw-a-tron at my house this weekend.Our goal was to draw a 50 drawings each!

Everybody found their favorite spot and start drawing.

We drew from 12-8pm! and The winner who did do all 50 drawings were Marie and Sara! in the end we decided to put up our favorite drawings on the floor and look at them.

I couldn't post every drawings and friends, sorry... But I posted all the people who came to the drawing day below :-) Check out their websites, they are all so amazing!

It was so much fun, thank you for coming~!

Artists and friends who came to the drawing day: Eddie Hemingway : http://www.edwardhemingway.com/ Elena Wen : http://www.elenawen.com/ Eun-ha Paek : http://www.eun-ha.com/ Fumiha Tanaka : http://www.fmtishere.com/ George Broojy : http://www.georgeboorujy.com/ Katie Yamazaki : http://www.katieyamasaki.com/ Kimiko Nakazawa John Leif Parsons : http://www.leifparsons.com/ Lauren Berke : http://www.simkinberke.com/ Marie Tribouilloy Mars Van Grunsven : http://www.europeanmedia.info/us/profileview.php?person=7 Moriah Ray : http://www.framedgirl.com/ Nastasha Nina Frenkel : http://www.ninafrenkel.com/ Peter Hamlen : http://www.hambot.com/ Rachael Cole : http://www.rachaelcole.net/ Sara Varon : http://www.chickenopolis.com/ Wendi Koontz : http://wendikoontz.com/home.html Yunmee Kyong : http://www.yunmee.com/