Microbus is a Sofubi Toy
designed by Aya x Produced by Tomenosuke

"Microbus goes to the Midnight Jungle" edition
"Microbus goes to the Kaiju Planet" edition
"Microbus goes to the Yeti Mountain" edition
"Microbus goes to the Mystic Mushroom Forest" edition



Dunny is a signature vinyl designer toy produced by KidRobot
  I designed 7 dunny over the years



Designed by Aya x Produced by Toloche
Fluffy Plush Toy design
Hanabi Monster



Box kun series are hand made ceramic collectable toy
produced in 2012 for SK Sarukaku Toy



Aya Design x The Troops Company Produced
Star Wars trading card



Thaumatrope design with paper toy company Noted
When the thaumatrope turns little girl go into bear's stomach!



My first custom toy collaboration
with Teddy Troops