Aya Kakeda x Modify




Fun Pattern designs for Unisex Apparel



UFO Pattern Design
for kids' apparel line Supayana



One of a kind sneakers design for a lifestyle website SEEN
A write up from New York Times 



Collaboration with French Company Mr.&Mr.
Design for "Ground By" architecture stencils
Mr.&Mr. stuff T-shirts and Toto Bag "Flat Sea Surf Club"



Designed by Aya x Produced by Dinomighty Wallet Co.
Recyclable paper wallet
"Bali Dream" and "Tree Stumps" design



Sketch book design for Roger la Borde
Card design for Roger la Borde
Chines New Year Lucky Envelope for Hong Kong Mega Mall
Tamarechan note book for SK Sarukaku



Kokeshi series
Flower mini vases
made by ceramic