Working on the up coming post it show

The end of year is coming and I’m working on few annual winter shows that I’m in every year. One of it is a Post It show at Giant Robot gallery in LA. This is their 15th year!!! I’m yet to attend since it’s in LA but I always hear that people line up for few blocks to get into the opening day. That’s because all the works are only $25 and hundreds of talented artists participating to the show. I wish I can go one year and get some of my favorite artists’ work :)

For this show I was drawing some characters from Inktober and I got obsessed with the bad apple character. Now I’m drawing her in different poses. Those are made with brush pen, Posca markers, and Small circled stickers. I will post once more when the invitation is ready!


My first Inktober! First set of 18.

Inktober! Characters from Oct 1st to Oct 9th.

Inktober! Characters from Oct 1st to Oct 9th.

Inktober! Characters from Oct 10th to Oct 18th.

Inktober! Characters from Oct 10th to Oct 18th.

October is a Inktober month which illustrators and comic artists post a drawing per day.
I have never heard of it until my students at MICA told me last year.

This year I wanted to try.
My goal is to post a small drawing of character everyday on my twitter and Instagram (@ayakakeda) accounts.
It’s been a challenge, some days it’s hard to come up with a good character, but it’s all about trying and have fun. It is fun to come up with characters everyday and I am excited there will be 31 new characters by the end of this month. So far I am able to post everyday.

I’m using these Pentel brush pens below on my cream color sketchbook.
Those are my favorite tools to draw since I was in college. They are so smooth and easy to use and I can replace the cartridge so I don’t have to through away. Also I really like this RED! This red is a Japanese traditional red which has a tint of orange.

My inspiration of those drawings are “Fall”
I’ve been drawing a lot of Fall inspired food characters, long pants, and a little bit of reminiscent from the summer.
You can see all 18 of them big on the slideshow below. I will post the next 9 when Oct 26th hits ;-) Enjoy!


Children Museum Show

I'm having a show at the Children Museum of Manhattan called "Fruit Robber and His Collections"
There will be some paintings and sculptures
This exhibition is conjunction with their "Hello from Japan!" Exhibition
February 2nd to May 8th
Children Museum of Manhattan
The Tisch Building, 212 West 83rd Street
New York, NY 10024

I will have a character making workshop in March sometimes at the museum, I will let you know the detail soon!




Podcast by Aaron Williams

He has a very interesting Podcast for Comic Writers and Artists.

Although I'm not a Comic artist, he bent the rule because my work has story telling aspect :) Thank you Aaron.

If you fancy to listen to my ESL english and make fun of my dorky laughter and my high school memories... You can click the image above or you can use this link:

Also my good friend Sara Varon has a episode here --->

Thank you!!!!!