Happy New 2014!

1521712_10151800275560178_1039343666_nHappy New 2014!Here is a photo from my house in Tokyo, a first sunrise of the year. I wish you a very special new year. Love, aya

Don't cry for Miss.Q

blog1 blog2 blog3Hello from ceramic studio.This past 3 months were the hardest ceramic making for me. I was making a sculpture call Miss.Q for about a month then sadly Miss.Q broke in the kiln... Then my friend told me Miss.Q could sound like Miscue (= mistake)... I think I cursed this broken Miss from the beginning! Then out of the sadness of the loss of Miss. Q, this piece "She fell down and cry some more" came along... It's still before the bisque fire and glaze... so let's hope this crying lady will come out fine. I'm hoping for the happy happy ceramic days for 2014!!!