Grace and Ritual: Hidden opening May 9th LA

72dpi_Flyer_Grace_&_Ritual_Hidden_A_v2Hello!I am 8 bit is putting together a group show in L.A. I have one ceramic sculpture in this show, if you are in L.A Please come and visit my little ceramic friend! You can see more info at:

For this group show I made this "ToTai Island Cave Seal Ritual Mask"

<Making of> ceramicIt's made out of Ceramic Clay --> Black and white slip--->Clear Glazed

photo (7)Black Slip with clear glaze created a very nice deep blue. Finishing up making the headdress with colorful Pompoms.

<What is Cave seal ritual mask?!> In ToTai Island (this is my imaginary island) every house owns their version of unique cave seal mask. When there is an event of the island or the family they put the mask on their door to announce. Depending on how headdress is display people in the island know exactly what the event is.

Here is some example! marriageMarriage in the family

deathDeath in the family

birthBirth in the family

peaceWhen the Island is in peace

FightWhen the Island is fighting with other tribe

Now you can visit ToTai Island and you know what's going on when you see the mask at someone's door!