Hello. My Mexico shows and events are coming up soon! Please come and visit if you are near, And spread the word to your friends in Mexico! Thank you!

Xalapa June 28th, 2012 Opening 7pm Solo Exhibition at Amarillo Centro de Diseno Address: Antonio Franceschy no.17 Esquina Guerrero y Perú, Xalapa

Mexico City July 6th, 2012 Event 7pm "Nice to Meet You Box-kun!" Premier of New Custom Ceramic Toy at SK Sarukaku Toy Address: Isabel la Católica #87, local 101, 1er piso, entrada por Regina, Col. Centro 06080 Mexico City, Mexico

July 7th, 2012 Opening 8pm "It's a Pink World After All" all female group show at Rojo Bermelo (their new space in Mexico City!) Adress: Amatlan 106, entre Campeche y Michoacan. Col. Condesa, Mexico City TEL: 63030596

Monterrey July 13th, 2012 Opening 8pm "Hanabi Monster Party" Premier of Hanabi Monster Silk Screen Poster and Plush Toy at Rojo Bermelo Address: Plaza fiesta San Agustin local 2099, Monterrey TEL: 83631523


"Playsam 500" at Super7 SF

Hello, There is a Charity Show this weekend at SF, Please come if you are in the area! The Charity for the Playsam 500 goes to The World Childhood Foundation

>>> Super7 is proud to announce Playsam 500, a Custom Toy Show featuring 59 different artists from 5 different nations, decorating and customizing the iconic Playsam Streamliner Car to benefit charity.

Join us Saturday, April 28th at 7PM Pacific to check out all the custom

Streamliner Cars Featuring: Andrew Bell, Arbito, Clayton Bailey, Dacosta!, Super Cooper Berella, Beast Brothers, Betso, Kat Brunegraff, 64 Colors, Carson Catlin, DrilOne, Tristan Eaton, Brian Flynn, George Gaspar, Paul Greenwood, Gary Ham, Nathan Hamill, Jay222, Walter "Chauskoskis" Jacott, Jryu, Jeremiah Ketner, Paul Kaiju, Aya Kakeda, Frank Kozik, Josh Herbolsheimer, Travis Lampe, Matthew Langille, Josh Mayhem, Sarah "Lunabee" Miskelly, Frank Mysterio, Motorbot, Ritzy Periwinkle, Plaseebo, Patricio Oliver, Task One, Dave Pressler, Reactor 88, Jason "Aka Big Money" Rodan, Jermaine Rogers, Cris Rose, Scribe, Rsin Art, Ardabus Rubber, Skinner, Bwana Spoons, John "Spanky" Stokes, Steve Talkowski, Cameron Tiede, Scott Tolleson, Vise One, Angie Vtec, Ben Walker, Adam Washburn, The Air Rat, Julie West, Kevin Winnik, Nicholas Woodworth

Playsam 500 Custom Toy Show Saturday, April 28th @ 7PM Pacific Super7 Store 1427 Haight Street San Francisco, CA 94117 415-553-6155


Group Show in Singapore

Me and many of my friends are in this group show which takes place in Singapore next week! So far away but I will close my eyes and pretend that I'm at the opening. Maybe I can find a girl in Singapore to pose as me! hehe

"We are one" benefit exhibition tonight at Camel art space!! Come to the Benefit exhibition tonight at the Camel Art space in Brooklyn. I was there yesterday and saw all the art works and they are really incredible! It's for a benefit for Japan and all the artists are donating and selling their work under $200. It's a great opportunity to collect famous artists' work in low costs, also a great for Holiday gift all for the good cause! I have one piece hanging, I attache the image below.  Maybe good for your kid's room?! Chocolate land :-)

See you there~


EXHIBITION: December 17th, 10:00am-6:00pm

ART WORKS SALE / RECEPTION: December 17th, 6:00-9:00pm

Location: Camel Art Space 722 Metropolitan Ave., 2nd Floor Brooklyn, NY 11211

In cooperation with: • Japan Earthquake Relief Fund at Japan Society

Manchester School of Art Embroidery

Manchester School of Art is the only school which holds Embroidery Major that I know of.  The Students of the Embroidery Major is having a benefit Auction next week to raise money for their graduation exhibition. I remember that it happened in some NY art school few years ago, too that since the bad economy (?!) school canceled the graduation shows so the students had to come up with money for the event.  I feel like if you pay that much tuition for 4 years to school you should automatically get the final show... but I guess sometimes it doesn't work that way.If you are in England and close to this area, please stop by and support the students!  All the art work starts from £10.  I have one embroidery work also. If you don't live in England you can also bit online!

Can you guess which one is mine???

Hi!I'm part of this Kamen-rider exhibition going on now in L.A. Come by if you are around!

>>>Over 120 local and international artists will pay visual tribute to some of the most famous pop culture icons in Japanese history and their creator, manga god Ishimori Shotaro.

Opening Reception: Nov. 5, 2011 7PM-10PM


Q POP 128 Astronaut E S Onizuka St Los Angeles, CA 90012 Phone: (213) 687-7767

Japanese American Cultural and Community Center 244 S. San Pedro Street, Suite 505 Los Angeles, CA 90012 Phone: (213) 628-2725

Participating artists:

Adolie Day / Amanda Visell / Amelie Flechais Andy Gonsalves / Angello Garcia Bassi (Cubotoy) Anna Chambers / Antonio Cannobio / August Hall Aya Kakeda / Becky Dreistadt / Ben Newman Brian Kesinger / Brittney Lee / Bwana Spoons Casey Alexander / Cecilia Meade / Chikuwaemil Chogrin Munoz / Chris Sasaki / Ciro Nieli Clio Chiang / Corey Lewis / Crowded Teeth Denny Khurniawan / DevilRobots / Don Hall Elizabeth Ito / Emmanuelle Pioli / Graham Annable Heidi Younger / Hellen Jo / Hideyuki Tanaka Higinia Garay / Hine Mizushima / Imaitoonz Itokin Park / Jeff Ranjo / Jeff Turley Jeni Yang / Jim Mahfood / Joe Matteo Joey Chou / JooHee Yoon / Jorsh Pena Josh Parpan / Junko Mizuno / Justin Parpan Justin Thompson / Kazu Kibuishi / Kevin Dart Leanna Rudish / Leo Espinosa / Leo Matsuda Lilidoll / Lincoln Kamm / Lissa Treiman Lorelay Bove / Lorena Alvarez Gomez / Luca Tieri Luke Chueh / Mad Barbarians / Mari Inukai Marlo Meekins / Martin Hsu / Marty M Ito Mayumi Tanaka / Michael Fleming / Michael Yamada Minifanfan / Misha / Nagi Koyama Naoshi / Patricio Oliver / Patrick Awa Paul Felix / Paul Rudish / Paul Shih Pete Oswald / Picopico / Ping Zhu Rich Pellegrino / Riki Takaoka / Robert Ryan Cory Romain Mennetrier / Roque Ballesteros / Rozenn Bothuon Santino Lascano / Scott Morse / Scott Watanabe Sean Chao / Sean Danconia / Seo Kim Shiyoon Kim / Shojonotomo / Sid Jung Steve Lambe / Sunguts / Touma Valerie Nunez / Victoria Ying / Vincent Mathy Warren Leonhardt / Yoko Furusho / Yoko Nomura Yucachin' / Yumiko Kayukawa / Yukinao Takashima



Tetris Attack!

I've done many embroideries in the past but not much "cross stitching."For the 8bit show in CA I thought cross stitching would be the perfect way to make the 8bit pixel image.  And I picked Tetris.

I loved Tetris when I was a kid, and I always love this first screen image of the Russian building. This is what I remember as a kid when people talk about Russia.  oh yes Russia I know people live in Tetris building! So I decided to have my Tetris image very Russian including the building and the color (Red, Yellow and blue) remembering what I thought of Russia as a child, Onion building, red pattern flowers, lots of Mushrooms from fairy tales, and the home of Tetris!This is a side story...after 20 years since I first saw the Russian building in Tetris, I finally made a trip to Russia 2010. I was amazed of those beautiful onion churches popping up everywhere in town and villages. And the land of Fairy Tales, I felt like I was in the fairy tale with wooden mushrooms, beautiful churches, lace window frames from the wooden houses and strange trees look like creatures. And here I'm really in the fairly tale!  In the House of  Baba Yaga!

Tanabata Festival this Saturday!

Please Join us for this one day benefit event for Fukushima Children!Me and my friends Tsuru Project has been working for this event for quite some time, it will be really nice to see you there. WISH COME TSURU Tanabata Festival in New York

The TSURU Project brings a Japanese star festival to New York City to send wishes to people in Japan

August 6th, Saturday 3 pm - 7 pm at Tenri Cultural Institute, 43A West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011

A very special one day event showcasing more than 3,000 colorful origami cranes in large ornaments, participatory workshops for origami cranes and tanzaku, thin paper strips for writing wishes to decorate bamboo branches, and live music performances by Japanese musicians.

The large ornaments will be on view and each string will be sold at suggested donation from $20 during a festival. Donation box will also be available. All the proceeds will go to Ashinaga’s “Rainbow House Fund,” Mazenda Fukushima Children’s Fund, and Tenri Cultural Institute’s “Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.” Only cash can be accepted.

**This is a free event and open to public.

I am 8-bit event!

hello.I'm part of this show next week, if you are in LA area, come on by~ Suppose to be really cool and fun event. I have an embroidery there, I will upload the photo soon.

SUPER iam8bit Opening Night Extravaganza August 11, 2011 7pm to 11pm

All-night ambiance by DJ R-Rated With special performances by Leeni and A_Rival

We'll be hosting the event at the recently renovated iam8bit headquarters in glorious Echo Park:- 2147 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026 -

It's going to be bigger and bolder than ever before, as we have over 4,500 sq. ft. of event space (that's nearly 5 times the size of the original show in 2005)!

Over 100 artists will reimagine their 80's gaming fantasies, delusions and secret desires via all sorts of media - painting, sculpture, plush, and even some more interactive experimentation. Highlights include:

*A special tribute to Galaga's 30th anniversary featuring the world's largest "arcade cabinet" * The transformation of the entire gallery into an 80's gaming wonderland by designer decal collective BLIK *An interactive, "retro-fied" Kinect hack from Double Fine super-artist Drew Skillman *And much, much more!

Lady Comix Art Exhibition at Webb Gallery

This comic show that I'm part of opens in July 30th @ Webb Gallery (Waxahachie, TX) If you are in the area come on by~, there are amazing line up of female comic artists!

This is a painting I did it's the cover of my comic that I created just for this show. Also there will be 5 paintings which related to this comic story will be exhibit at the gallery.

Dear Japan

Flower, Fire, sparkles in the dark night sky.
My favorite thing about Japanese summer. Festivals, shaved strawberry ice, dark chochin lamp, smell of festival food... ahh I can even hear people saying "Tamaya~!!!" to the night sky.
I'm wishing people in North East Japan will be able to have a summer fireworks and festivals one day soon after recovery, I was hoping that and while I was painting this.
This art work will be sold at "Dear Japan" Benefit on June 4th at ACNY gallery in New York.
I hope everybody can come out!

Oh! yes we did make a blog, here you can see amazing artists' works which will be in the benefit as well. check it out---->

Post It Barcelona!

Hi!  Posted Barcelona is happening on the May 5th at Atticus Gallery (Calle Lledo, 10, Barcelona, Spain)It's a spin off of the Giant Robot Post it show from last year. This time since it's spring/summer I did some super colorful pieces.

If you are in the Barcelona area, stop by. the show is on till May 31st, and I heard this Gallery/store is a fantastic place to go!

It's getting slowly into a summer mode in NY. The green leaves are finally covering up the trees, hope everything is well with you~

"Lace and Pattern" for Art Connects New York Benefit Show

These are for a benefit show at Art Connects New York, a non-profit art organization in SOHO, NY. The show is going to be about 30 artists creating new works altering the pages of books.

It's been 2 weeks since the earthquake in Japan. I was working on these images a week after it happen and I was in a zombie state of mind. I thought about why am I even creating art when I really want to do is help people in Japan...?  I felt so little and powerless... And I started to think about this project. All I wanted to do was to make something beautiful. Beautiful colors, pattern and a tiny bit of humor.  After all I didn't want to make something depressing or sad.  And when I start painting these patterns on the book pages and working with a repetition movement, I started to feel better, this is the healing power of Art??? Maybe it is.

I wish my art can heal somebody oneday, even a small smile or forget about hard time for a one second.  That would be my goal!

The benefit is on April 6th, more info --->